End-to-end book services, innovative solutions, and faster turnaround times is what makes us a publishing powerhouse. We can process, publish and distribute, multi-format eBooks. Getting ahead of the curve, we provide services like Typesetting, enhancements, digital pre-press, and many others to ensure the best quality.

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We know, as a distributor you’d want as many books as possible within your marketing system. We are here to help you in that mission. You’d be amazed to find the millions of titles which are waiting to generate revenue for you. And the access to such huge repository is just a click away.

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eBook Accelerator

Ebook Accelerator – Boost Your eBook Sales With Zero Investment

eBook Publishing Services

Let us work together to create superlative material which stands the test of time every single time.

eBook Conversion

We take up digitization of your physical books and manuscripts, and make them instantly more engaging across every electronic device in the world.

Typesetting Services

Your work deserves a professional look when it gets into the market. We take up professional typesetting services, prepping your book to look it’s best ever.

Illustration Services

We believe that pictures tell the whole story, especially when it comes to adding to your creative streak. Using today’s technology, we help you get the whole picture.

Enhanced ebooks

Let us help you fill life into your books and make , with visual enhancements that you never knew were possible. Next time, don’t just read a book. You will live it.

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